My favorite live subjects to photograph

 Pamela Logan   Photographer

Sarah's Cafe - Rt 1, Wiscasset, ME  - Black and White, Ships and Sunsets, Floral and more are on display at Sarah's - grab some food and drinks and enjoy the view!  Stop by the Tiny House when you're through!

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Everything looks better in Black and White

It's all about nature, lighting, weather and timing.  I could pass the same location every day and it will change depending upon those four aspects. 

Please NOTE: 

All images are bona fide.

No Photoshop used

It all leads back to gravity

Perception (Yes) of someone else's designs

Stems, leaves, buds, petals and the light, rain and dew that find them.

A photographer for over 30 years, I spend most time searching for new and different perspectives and is frequently overheard saying “gotta switch it off Macro”. Focusing on the beauty of nature and the amazement of minute detail.

Copyright 2015. Pamela Logan - Photographer. All Rights Reserved. 

Dim, bright, slight and filtered

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I can't get close enough without a microscope.   Frequently I don't see the tiniest of details that make the shot spectacular until after it's out of my camera.