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A photographer for over 30 years, Pam spends her time searching for new and different perspectives and is frequently overheard saying “gotta switch it off Macro”. Focusing on the wonder of nature and the amazement of micro detail you may find her yellow beetle pulled over to the side of the road, deep in the woods, along the shore, or just popped out the sunroof, camera to eye, if so, give her a wave, if you beep, you may scare off the elusive fisher cat she has been trying to photograph. Her love of all animals has her frequently stopping to ask to pet your dog or whatever you may be out walking, so don’t be surprised if she asks to photograph your pet.
Pam has photographed several book covers and biography headshots, as well as photographed, filmed, edited and produced many stage production for DVD’s.
She spends a lot of time on the road between Florida, where her daughter lives, and Wiscasset, Maine, where she lives and has restored her 1790 Tiny House.

Inspired by many things, nothing inspires and encourages her more than her family.  Their support pushes her to keep moving forward, go the distance, freeze her fingers off (sometimes) and face the wind.
Thank You "My Awesome Family", "Saint Andy", "My Dad", "Moose", "My Love" 

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